British prince invites Xinli Light Source to invest in the UK

[High-tech LED News] On October 25, 2011, Zhang Ming, Chairman of Xinli Light Source, was invited to participate in the opening ceremony of Fengxin New Factory of Shanghai Aberdeen Company.

It is reported that Shanghai ABS Lighting Equipment Co., Ltd. is the first foreign-invested enterprise to enter mainland China. Its high, medium and low poles, communication poles and power poles are widely used in airports, ports and highways around the world. gym.

Xinli Light Source is one of Abbock's partners in China, and has a prospect of cooperation with ABS in various fields, especially in outdoor lighting projects such as airports, ports, highways and stadiums.

During the meeting, Chairman Zhang Ming met with Prince Andrew of the Duke of York, England, and had a brief exchange. During his visit to the UK, Chairman Zhang Ming met with Prince Andrew. This time, Prince Andrew released the hope that Xinli Light Source could go to the British market and invite Xinli Light Source to invest in the UK.

Prince Andrew of England (left), Zhang Ming (middle), Chairman of Xinli Light Source, Mr. Amery, President of Aberdeen Global (right)

Chairman Zhang Ming expressed the firm confidence of Xinli Light Source in moving to the international market, and also invited Prince Andrew to visit Xinli Light Source Headquarters in Chengdu in the future.

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