Ministry of Industry and Information Technology: LED LCD TVs are becoming mainstream in the market

The results of the mainstream flat-panel TV performance evaluation released by the Digital Television Standards Compliance Testing Center of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology in Beijing in the first half of 2010 show that the current flat-panel TV products have key indicators such as definition, color reproduction capability and contrast. In terms of power consumption, there is a certain increase from the 2009 average. Especially after the application of LED backlight technology in color TV companies such as Sharp, Samsung, Toshiba, Skyworth, and Konka, the gamut coverage and contrast of flat-panel TV products have increased by an average of 10%-15%. At the same time, Zhang Subing, deputy director of the testing center, said that in the first half of 2010, the products sent by color TV enterprises were mainly led LCD TVs, accounting for more than 80% of all models, and basically reached 1080 HD, which can be seen in LEDs. Gradually become the mainstream of the market. In this regard, Lu Jianbo, deputy secretary-general of the China Electronics Chamber of Commerce, pointed out that the overall improvement of flat-panel TV performance is the result of market competition, and the biggest beneficiary is still consumers.

Sales data from large home appliance chain stores show that LED TV sales in 2010 accounted for 30% of flat-panel TVs. Industry insiders predict that LED backlighting will become the standard for mid-to-high-end products of Chinese and foreign mainstream flat-panel TV manufacturers in 2010, accounting for more than 40%.

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