Taiwan factory Jiaying obtained 68% equity of LED stent factory

LED lead frame factory Jiaying (3310) recently issued 2,600,000 shares in the capital increase, and obtained 68% equity of LED stent factory special new photoelectric. Jiaying and Texin's share swap ratio is 1:2.35, and the merger base date is scheduled for September 1, 2010.

Jiaying pointed out that Texin Optoelectronics is mainly based on the injection process of SMD LED lead frame. The maximum monthly capacity of SMD LED lead frame can reach 200KK per month, but the capacity utilization rate is only 50%.

Jiaying has only expanded its SMD process capacity in recent years. At present, it mainly focuses on stamping and electroplating. After the merger of the new photoelectric, the SMD lead frame can be integrated from the stamping to the injection molding supply chain, which is conducive to the orders of the big manufacturers.

Jia Ying also pointed out that after the merger of Texin Optoelectronics, the single-month LED lead frame accounted for 40% of Jiaying's overall revenue before the end of 2010, and became the most important product line of Jiaying.

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