ç’¨ round LED products are expected to enter the Japanese panel supply chain

Japanese panel makers Sony, Toshiba, and Panasonic have recently begun to contact Taiwan's LED factory. The upstream epitaxial wafer factory, Yuanyuan (3061), is expected to successfully enter the Japanese panel supply chain by Dongbei (2499).

Korean manufacturers LGD and Samsung have come to Taiwan to look for LED supply chains. Japanese manufacturers themselves have integrated upstream and downstream LED factories. However, under the competitive pressure of Korean factories, they have to purchase lower-cost products.

Yan Feng, chairman of the board of directors, pointed out that especially in the photo exhibition held in June, it was obvious that the willingness of Japanese manufacturers to purchase LEDs from Taiwan increased greatly.

Jane Fengren further pointed out that Japanese manufacturers have released their willingness to purchase outsourcing, and LED manufacturers in South Korea and Taiwan are expected to benefit.

Insiders analyzed that it is still not clear that Japanese manufacturers are coming to Taiwan to find the direction of the LED supply chain. It is possible to place orders through Korean manufacturers.

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