The number of global LED street lights has increased by 42%, and the module has become a trend

In response to the development of LED street lamps in the future, LED industry research institute LEDinside said that LED street lamp standards are still being developed all over the world, and product specifications still need to be formulated according to different needs of different places. Among them, the Taiwan region has the fastest progress, and the LED street lamp standard of CNS15233 has been introduced. The road lighting requirements in China are still applicable to the traditional street lamp standards of CJJ45, and the LED street lamp standards of local governments are still in the form of specifications, US, Europe, etc. The LED street light specification is still being formulated. To observe the current standards for LED lamps, it will still impose strict requirements on the angle of light, quality and light decay.

The development of LED street lights presents two major trends: First, toward modularization, some manufacturers integrate heat sink fins into a single module, some manufacturers are separated from light source modules and heat sinks; The street lamp intelligent control system will be more complete. The future development will automatically adjust the brightness, color and angle according to different environments, and also monitor the use status of the lamps in real time.

In terms of policies, the current development of LED street lamps is the most active in mainland China and Taiwan. In 2010, the subsidy policy for LED street lamps turned, and the Taiwan area will be converted into road signs, signal lights and other uses in the LED street lamps. The subsidy policy will begin to shift from outdoor lighting to indoor lighting. At present, there is no large-scale LED street lamp subsidy program similar to the Chinese government. Currently, it is mainly promoted by local governments or power companies. The five-year period of 140,000 proposed by Los Angeles in early 2008. The fascinating street lamp standard has attracted the most attention.

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