After the holiday, the receipt of goods is busy, home appliance inspection skills, notes, Daquan

Skills and Precautions Daquan I think that the biggest experience of netizens who have visited shopping malls and home appliance stores during the New Year holiday is that there are many people. It is impossible to describe the hot scene of the store with people. Buying home appliances is different from buying clothes, shoes and hats on the spot, because the shipments during the promotion period of the appliance store are large, so

Flexible LED  strips are assembled using FPCB and assembled with patch LEDs. Because the FPC material is soft, it can be bent, folded, and wound freely. It can be moved and stretched and folded in three-dimensional space. It is suitable for irregular places and small spaces, and it can be bent and wound at will. It is suitable for arbitrarily combining various patterns in decorations such as advertisements. It is DC 5-24V power supply, low power consumption, silicone potting, bright color, uniform color mixing, not easy to damage, beautiful appearance, safe and reliable, easy to install

Flexible LED Strip

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