Forecast: 2011 lighting lighting industry development trend

In 2010, the master of dimming died; the "Macao gamble" incident; NVC listing in Hong Kong; Op Lighting illuminates the Expo; the property market is pressing, the lighting industry is under pressure and so on. The most noteworthy is that home appliance companies have entered the lighting industry one after another. It is understood that TCL, Skyworth, Konka and other home appliance companies have entered the lighting industry; Midea Group has acquired high-profile lighting of Guiya Lighting, and built a new lighting base in Jiangxi. The lighting of the United States has been leaping forward. .

Of course, the most important thing in the lighting and lighting industry belongs to the rise of the lighting monopoly market, the Light Nest, the Hanlai Lighting City, the Brilliant Lighting City, the Suming Lighting Supermarket, etc., as well as the chain expansion of the home store Red Star Macalline and the Real Home. Lighting consumption has become the third largest building materials industry after home appliances and furniture. The home appliance industry successfully went to the countryside, opened up the rural consumer market, and the lighting followed the lighting monopoly. At present, the domestic second- and third-tier city lighting monopoly market is vacant, and the overall consumption level is accelerating, driving the rise of lighting stores, lighting supermarkets, lighting stores and other stores. Experts predict that the monopoly market will continue to be hot in 2011, and the rural market will become more prominent.

Lighting industry status

The lighting fields of hotels, commerce, landscapes, transportation, etc. are moving towards an integrated and energy-saving development trend. Of course, this is mainly reflected in the rise of LED lighting, which drives the entire lighting industry to become efficient and low-carbon development. As an important branch of the lighting industry, the home lighting industry has rapidly grown into a mainstream consumer, driven by real estate, furniture, home appliances, and building materials. Lighting has become an increasingly important role in modern home decoration and home decoration life.

At present, the ancient town of Zhongshan, China, is the largest production group of domestic lighting, accounting for 60% of the lighting and lighting sales, domestic lighting sales, lighting, lighting accessories, lighting accessories, lighting wholesale city, and lighting stores, plus On the home store, the lighting and lighting industry is extremely complicated both in the enterprise and in the market, resulting in many types of lighting industry products and many brands. The market competition is extremely fierce, especially in the lighting industry in recent years, the overall profit is considerable, so that more and more The enterprises and businesses "fall from the sky", the huge cake radial division.

Brand marketing strategy

CCTV advertisements and celebrity endorsements launched by lighting companies can directly enhance brand awareness. Of course, it is more important to product and after-sales service. In the homogenized product market, only professionalism can be strong.

For example, Zhongshan City Focus on Happy Lighting Technology Co., Ltd. brand art lamp master, its professional marketing model, successfully created the success of the art lamp master. It is understood that in 2010, the masters of the art lanterns entered the domestic market, and opened up the market with lighting monopoly and brand chain. With low threshold and franchise policy, they successfully built hundreds of lighting stores in small and medium-sized cities and districts and counties. Through CCTV advertising, magazines, online media and other advertisements, the brand awareness of the art light masters has been greatly enhanced, and the “4S Buy Lights” service has been launched, which has made the art lamp masters popular in the country.

Industry trends

However, LED lamps are highly concentrated and have poor diffusivity. If the LED-type lamps are too densely arranged and the design cost is too high, the author believes that energy-saving lamps will be the backbone of home lighting, commercial and industrial lighting in recent years. The advantages of LED lighting energy saving, environmental protection, long life and long life are generally applicable to various fields, and its market is immeasurable.

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