Expert opinion: Some must-see experiences in children's room decoration

Parents want to give their children a warm and comfortable growth space. Similarly, we hope that all children can grow up healthily. I believe some parents have also experienced the process of decorating children's rooms. Here we have collected some experiences and shared them with them. everyone. The most basic point is that children's room decoration needs to avoid environmental pollution and consideration.

Cascade Lights

1. Features: LED copper wire weeping willows light, like a willow branch of each tender long & the effect of natural down, every branch of weeping willow lamp can be open, branches with bubble, just have a vivid effect, a beautiful landscape painting, waterproof products, energy-saving features.

2. Specification: STeady /Flashing
1M 240Lights (216steady/24 flashing)
1.35M 300 Lights (270 steady/30 flashing)
Lights(576 steady/72 flashing)
LED Color: White warm, White, Amber, Red, Green, Yellow, Blue, Multicolor, RGB.
3. Usage: usage: can use, indoor & outdoor LED copper wire light string not only applied to Christmas lights (wrapped around the tree, for example) various festival holiday decoration, also used for household decoration (can be hung in the window, glass roof, on the corner...To achieve, the icing on the cake) and the city lighting project and various recreational venues, the park (the water effect of the waterfall), all the shopping malls can wait.

Cascade Lights

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