LCD TV Preview: LED backlight 7 technology or upgrade

1, LED backlight development to ultra-thin

(1) LED thinning, high power and thinner light guide plate

According to market research firm DisplaySearch, global LED LCD TV sales in 2009 were about 4.09 million units, accounting for only 3% of the entire flat-panel TV market, but sales will soar to more than 123 million units in 2014, accounting for the entire flat-panel TV market. The share also soared to 53%.

LED color TV is not a new display technology in nature, but it replaces the traditional cold cathode fluorescent lamp with a new LED light source technology. However, this kind of LCD TV with side-mounted LED backlight has a slim body that is difficult to compare with traditional products: most of the LED TVs produced by famous manufacturers are about 2cm in thickness, which is unmatched by traditional LCD TVs. of.

LED TVs mainly compete for not only thickness, but also more economical, energy-saving power consumption, and better image quality. The technical performance advantages of many aspects are the core reasons for the rapid growth of the LED TV market.

(2) No borders

Although LCD TVs can't really achieve "no borders" - this is just an exaggerated description of the ultra-narrow bezel. However, industry experts have predicted that the borderless products will become another peak in the design of LCD TVs after LED ultra-thin.

In fact, as early as three years ago, many LCD companies, including Samsung, have invested in the development of ultra-narrow bezel products. However, these technologies are mainly used in engineering display fields, such as LCD TV splicing walls. In April of this year, Samsung's LCD screen wall product launched in the domestic market has a narrowest frame thickness of less than 3mm. Since then, companies such as Sharp, LG, and Taiwan have also introduced liquid crystal display panels that can meet the thickness of the millimeter frame. For the whole machine enterprise to choose. The support of many upstream manufacturers, on the one hand, illustrates the practical value of borderless technology, on the other hand, it shows that the technical bottleneck of LCD TVs that make millimeter-level or even smaller-level frames has been basically broken.

2, LED backlights in line with the market green, environmental protection concept

At this stage, large-size TV backlights are mainly based on direct-type. Now EU standards, domestic standards, products must comply with RoHS standards, UL standards, and later added halogen-free requirements. The CCFL products that are used in large quantities now contain Hg substances in the lamps. Due to this characteristic, the exemption of the substance is added to the standard, that is, the substance is qualified and available in a certain amount. However, the substances containing Hg in CCFL are still contrary to the current environmental protection requirements. The current products require green and environmental protection. The notebook computers in the product backlights have no Hg requirements for backlight products from the use of LEDs. The emergence of large-size LED backlights is in line with the current market requirements for green and environmental protection.

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