Japan developed GaN-based LED components using gallium oxide substrates

According to Japanese media reports, Japan’s Tamura Manufacturing Co., Ltd. and Gwangbo Co., Ltd. announced that they have developed GaN-based LED components using gallium oxide substrates. The LED components developed can flow 10 times per unit area compared with LED components using sapphire substrates. More than twice the current. It will be used for high brightness applications such as headlamps and projectors. Further, since the gallium oxide substrate can be formed by simple solution growth, it is a technology that can achieve cost reduction, and can also be used for lighting and the like. The component and gallium oxide (Ga2O3) substrate are expected to be available at the end of 2011.

It is known that a gallium oxide substrate has high conductivity, and a GaN-based LED element using the substrate can be provided with electrodes on both the front and back sides. Tamura Manufacturing Co., Ltd. and Gwangbo Co., Ltd. have developed a technique for greatly reducing the buffer layer resistance between a gallium oxide substrate and a GaN-based epitaxial layer, and by establishing a low-resistance n-type ohmic contact electrode on a gallium oxide substrate. An LED element that can flow a large current is realized. Although there is a view that the gallium oxide substrate is easily broken, it is said that this problem is solved by adjusting the plane direction of the gallium oxide substrate.

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