The washing machine is inexplicably fired and the bathroom is burnt

Usually flammable materials are prone to explosions, but you can't hear the washing machine can explode. Chen Dongping, a group of 3 people in Xieli Village, Luohe Town, Public Security County, had a strange thing this morning. The washing machine he bought last year exploded. Fortunately, no one was injured. When the reporter rushed to the scene, the fire in the bathroom had been used by the villagers.

  • Only housing, small parts are not included
  • Professional repair skill is needed to install this part, or search installation guides on youtube to make sure you can operate it, we will not take responsibility for any damages to this part nor your device caused by wrong installation
  • With SIM card tray, mute switch, power button, volume buttons


· On-off flex cable;

· Flash;

· Charging Port & Charging flex cable ;

· Back camera;

· Volume button;

· Mute button;

· Buzzer & Vibrator;



· 12 Months warranty. 

· Flex cables are all original.

· Exquisite craftsmanship.

· Inner Package: Anti-Static Bags & Transparent Air Bubble Bags ; Outer Package: Carton Box Also In Lined With Foam;

iPhone 6S/6S Plus Housing Assembly

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