Asian Games opening ceremony LED lighting "six most"

Neat and smooth asphalt roads, colorful flowers, energetic volunteers... What is the new beauty of Yangcheng? Yes, that is the radiant lighting under the night! Whether it is Baietan or Huacheng Square, Even the bridges that seem to have been overlooked by ordinary times have been dazzled by the rich and varied lighting fixtures, which have opened up the new dynamic and vitality of the millennium.

According to Chen Yaxin, deputy director of the Guangzhou Municipal Construction Committee, under the cooperation and support of the district construction committees, the relevant units of the city and the relevant units have high-rise commercial buildings within 200 square kilometers and 20-storey residential buildings and “four-in-one” roads within the outer ring of the city. Side, especially the "two axes (Pearl River Axis, New Central Axis), one center (Haixinsha Island)", the surrounding areas of the Garden Hotel, the city's main roads, etc. have carried out nightscape construction (commonly known as "light engineering"), currently, all Construction work has been completed, and citizens have more choices for night walks and leisure.

Up to now, the construction and renovation of Guangzhou City has involved a total of 3,015 buildings. In addition to the original bright project, the building has 681 buildings for maintenance and maintenance, and the city has a total of 3,696 night-time bright engineering buildings.

In addition, Guangzhou City has upgraded the Pearl River embankment along the Baietan-Bozhou Bridge, and implemented light projects on 12 bridges, district Zhuangjiao, and Kecun interchanges on the Pearl River front channel; it was built in Haixinsha area. The Asian Games temporary dance beauty lighting night scene project; built on the 32nd floor of Guangzhou New TV Tower, Guangzhou City Night Lighting (Light Project) Monitoring Command Center; for the Olympic Sports Center, Tianhe Sports Center, University City Stadium and other sports venues, its own structural features and surrounding The characteristics of the environmental landscape, designed the night scene lighting system of the Guangzhou Asian Games stadium with the principle of “one scene”. The completion of these nightscape facilities not only provided urban night lighting protection for the Asian Games event, but also made more Chinese and foreign guests feel the charm of night Guangzhou and feel the hospitality of Guangzhou citizens.

The bright project mainly illuminates the landscape of the street trees, green belts, pedestrian bridges and bridges of motor vehicles on both sides of the motorway. The residential buildings are generally dominated by the top lighting, and the facades are covered with small partial flood or line and point lighting. Ways to minimize the impact on building occupants. In the choice of lighting color, the night view of the river along the Yangtze River is dominated by warm yellow light, with different areas of color and white light in different areas. This light color is not only warm and comfortable, but also easy for the public to accept, but also beneficial to the performance of the Pearl River. The sense of the times of historical buildings on both sides of the strait, thus achieving the goal of energy saving and emission reduction and beautification of the environment.

Bright project "six most succumbs" drunk Guangzhou

The most abundant Haixinsha opening ceremony main venue

Asian Games venue lighting

As the main venue of the opening ceremony of the Guangzhou Asian Games, the lighting design of the core performance area of ​​Haixinsha fully highlights the characteristics of Haixinsha Island and the surrounding urban environment. It uses a variety of high-tech lighting expressions to form a near, high, low, and successive The artistic effects of strong and weak levels, such as distinct levels, rich meanings, relaxation, and coordination. The main design highlights are reflected in three aspects:

Performance lights with a VIP perspective as the main line. The interior is centered on the central water stage and the fountain water area, which is designed to meet the needs of the overall performance and ceremonial organization, creating a rich and varied space; the exterior is extended to the two sides of Haixinsha Island and beyond by the VIP perspective. A wonderful interaction takes place on the field.

Dynamic lighting with the outline of Haixinsha Island as the main line. The overall lighting design of Haixinsha Island has fulfilled two major missions: one is to match the theme of life and civilization; the other is to show the concept of dynamic “time wheel”.

The on-site lighting is unified using the high-tech time code system, and under the direction of the general director, according to the preset procedures, the chapters are presented.

Most modern new central axis

Asian Games venue lighting

"Construction Detailed Planning of Guangzhou New Central Axis Night Lighting Project" is based on the design concept of "Guangzhou City Landscape Lighting Special Master Plan" (hereinafter referred to as "General Regulations"), with urban portal, sports culture center and modern city Mainly, in the area between the East Railway Station and the Guangzhou Tower, 55 buildings with a large gap with the General Regulations were selected for lighting design. At the same time, in order to connect with the "General Regulations" and reflect the "bright, modern, colorful" design concept of the new central axis, the design is mainly composed of intermediate color and cool color, which are divided into four modes: festival, peacetime, Asian Games celebration and ceremony. The Asian Games mode is mainly implemented by LED lamps, which facilitates linkage control of instantaneous lighting and color changes.

The most Lingnan and the other sides of the Pearl River

Asian Games venue lighting

The design of the “Construction Detailed Planning for Bright Projects on Both Sides of the Pearl River” is designed from the view of the Linjiang visible landscape on both sides of the Pearl River from Baietan to Weizhou Bridge. 35 buildings with large impact on the landscape and inconsistent with the planning are selected. Improve the design and carry out long-term control according to the design, and implement it in stages according to the specific situation. Designed by selecting the most representative boat and sails on the river, as a cross-cutting element, it is divided into five segments from west to east: “Eythant Night Moon” (Swan takes off, sails for the fleet), “Yangcheng Years” ( Representing the memories of the old age of Yangcheng), "The ancient city and the past" (reflecting the new weather from the reform and opening up), "Litchi minor" (reflecting the customs and customs of Guangzhou, regional culture), "Guangdong New Rhyme" (presenting modern Guangzhou and The business atmosphere) creates a scene full of passion and vitality to showcase the local customs and regional culture of Guangzhou, and express the sense of the times of historical architecture with the warm yellow light of floodlights, and finally present to us. A picture of "Thousands of sails competing for hundreds of battles."

Around the most smart garden hotel

Asian Games venue lighting

The Bright Project of the Surrounding Area of ​​Garden Hotel surrounds the surrounding area of ​​the Garden Hotel as the location of the Asian Games headquarters, the mature CBD central business district and the high-end shopping district. It will be Baiyun Hotel, Friendship Store, World Trade Plaza, Dapeng International Building, Garden Hotel, The combination of the Good World Plaza has become a target whole, and the lighting design is transformed in the form of a surround group. The combination of high-definition motion projection and ordinary lighting is used to construct a new concept digital lighting system. It is different from the traditional night scene lighting works, showing the combination of tradition and modernity, dynamic and static, function and art, and the whole and the part, giving the city building night life.

The most beautiful Pearl River Bridge

Asian Games venue lighting

"Pearl River Bridge Nightscape Lighting Design" The 12 bridges of the Pearl River (Hedong Bridge - Weizhou Bridge) mainly adopt the colorful dynamic design to implement the night scene lighting project to enhance the atmosphere of the Asian Games and the festive days. Among them, Haizhu Bridge is mainly based on the sense of vicissitudes of life, using cool white light; the bridges of Renmin Bridge, Jiefang Bridge, Jiangwan Bridge, Haiyin Bridge and Guangzhou Bridge are controlled by LED lamps and combined with the warm yellow color of the bridge bottom. Floodlight-based, to achieve the dynamic effect of instantaneous lighting and color change; Zhujiang Bridge, Dongpu Bridge and other bridges mainly based on warm yellow floodlights to express the body mass structure of the bridge, to reflect the solemn and generous characteristics of the bridge.

Most natural sports venue

Asian Games venue lighting

The night lighting design of the Guangzhou Asian Games Stadium fully highlights the characteristics of the area where the venue is located. For example, the design of the night illumination of the Olympic Sports Center continues the overall planning and design concept of the Olympic Sports Center, retaining the design concept of the five halls with the intention of the five rings. The night lighting design is titled “Heaven and Earth, Passion of Light and Dance”, and the theme of the Asian Games and The spirit of the Asian Resident echoes the relationship between man and heaven, earth and nature, and expresses the characteristics of sports competitions that train and accumulate in the arena. For the Tianhe Sports Center on the new central axis, there is a need for night aerial photography. Therefore, the night lighting design pays special attention to highlighting the bird's-eye view. With the theme of “Samsung Yaotianhe”, the football field, gymnasium and swimming pool are separately packaged into three stars. , which means Jupiter, Venus and Mercury respectively. The venues of the University City are scattered and difficult to focus on. The lighting design not only highlights the practicality of lighting, but also creates the creative effect of “the stars are holding the moon, the trees are the mother and the daughter”.

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