DISCO: Automatic cutting machine DAD3635

The DAD3650 is the world's smallest double-spindle manual cutter with the best design. Compared with the DAD3350, the single-spindle cutter for the φ8 workpiece with high achievement, it only covers 2/3 of its area. The world's smallest model.

High productivity rate. The DAD3650 is a twin-spindle machine that can perform double-knife cutting with a dual-spindle. Compared with a single-axis machine, the productivity efficiency can be increased by up to about 2 times. The more the single-piece workpiece has a long processing time, the smaller the die, the more efficient the productivity. More significant. The productivity efficiency depends on the workpiece size and processing conditions.

High processing adaptability. While saving floor space, like the DAD3350, it can cut workpieces with a size of φ8 and 250mm square work. In addition, by applying a stepwise cutting method, different blades are mounted on each spindle, and cutting is performed in two steps, which can improve the processing quality and can process a variety of work.

For easier operation, the device is equipped with DISCO's original OS system and automatic calibration function, which greatly reduces the burden on the operator. In terms of human-machine interface, the device also uses a graphical user interface (GUI) for intuitive operation.

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