Don't be too smart and step on the electric scooters to walk freely

Every time he gets off the subway, he has to embark on more than ten minutes to get to the company. Fortunately, it's fine to say that a cloudy day or a hot sauna day is simply “torture”. Isn't there a perfect solution? Well, take a look at this CityGo Urban can not let you satisfied.

Someone heard the word scooter and immediately waved Say No! It is not as good as a leg to take advantage of the fact that it is a place where you are gloomy, and you are dragging on the road every day. However, CityGo Urban is completely different.

Just two simple steps, CityGo Urban can be incorporated into a flat shape. And after the original rear wheel can be dragged on the ground after the admission, dragging it into the office can be more relaxed than the burning sun.

Ordinary scooter, it is not easy to want to continue to advance, there is a leg to make a follow-up action, as the driving force for progress. Do you not use physical strength, what is elegant and handsome? ! !

This CityGo Urban is different, using an auxiliary form to drive the scooter forward. With a single step, CityGo Urban will move forward at a constant speed.

When the skateboarding speed reaches the maximum speed, the skateboard will advance at a steady speed, and as long as the brakes are not applied, it will not slow down.

Of course, the speed of CityGo Urban's electric skateboard will gradually decrease when it encounters an emergency situation or needs to stop at the destination and directly presses on the brake pedal at the rear of the skateboard.

It can be said that as long as there is CityGo Urban, it will not waste a trace of energy. When the brake pedal is stepped on, the remaining power at this time will be converted into electric energy to charge the built-in rechargeable battery. All in all, CityGo Urban will make every effort worth your time.

Of course, CityGo Urban is also equipped with a matching application. Users can use this app to view the current speed, location and other riding related information. Although this is very convenient, but you must pay attention to traffic safety, the road to see the phone can be completely eliminated.

Currently, this version of CityGo Urban has two versions, common and Pro. In the regular version, the battery life is 2 hours and the latter's battery life is 3 hours. The price of the two is 599/629 US dollars (approximately 4000/4200 yuan).

Product parameters

Life time: 2/3 hours

Net weight: 9.8Kg

BUY Index: ★★★★

How about, on the way to and from work, ride this absolutely pull it ~~

Purchase route : CityGo official website;

Reference price : 599/629 US dollars (approximately RMB 4000/4200 yuan)

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