Haimeidi H7 four generations out of the box evaluation: package appearance to the configuration of the full upgrade

Haimeidi has always been a very attractive brand for domestic smart TV boxes. Its Haimeidi H7 series has been released for three generations, and each generation has become an explosive model. Today, it is reported that Haimeidi will substantially update Haimeidi H7 series products, introducing the new Haimeidi H7 four generations, and comprehensively enhance packaging, appearance and hardware configuration.

For the soon-to-be released Haimeidi H7 four generations of natural attention, Xiaobian had the privilege of getting the first generation of Haimeidi H7 products at the first time. Today, let us work together to open a new generation of Haimeidi H7 four generations of new products. Box evaluation it.

Packaging and unpacking

On the packaging, the new generation of Haimei Di H7 uses Beige hard kraft environmental protection material.

The front of the package maintains the consistent style of Haimedi. The brand, camera maker, model and product features are located in the front corner. And Haimei Di's brand English is located in the center. We can see that this time the Haimeidi H7 four generations compared the former to replace the photo partner, from Mango TV to CIBN Internet TV.

At the bottom of the box and at the bottom, the product features and basic parameters of the Haimeidi H7 four generations and some related products are identified. Still based on simple style.

Hoi Mei Di H7 four generations of internal packaging using clamshell design, is divided into two layers, the upper level for the sea Meidi H7 four generations of host, the lower part of the corresponding accessories, the middle of the cardboard isolation. The host is on and the accessories are on the bottom. Haimeidi H7 four generations of accessories include: Bluetooth voice remote control, high-definition HDMI cable, power adapter, product certification, warranty card, quick use guide.

In terms of accessories, the high quality of the wire has always been a point of Haimeidi. This time, Haimeidi H7 also maintained this fine tradition.

Haimeidi H7 four-generation remote control uses a 14-key concise design, and a full upgrade of the features, support voice remote control, regardless of the elderly and children can easily master. 7 meters of super-long control distance, 360 degrees no direction limit, the operation is more comfortable.

Appearance and design

After we got the host, we found that after the first generation of Haimeidi H7 was made of golden yellow and rose gold, the classic black color was used for the first time, and the silver-polished frame was used to greatly enhance the overall style.

Haimeidi H7 four-generation uses a full-metal body, featured aerospace-class aluminum-magnesium alloy one-piece full metal shell, strong and strong body. Surface polishing, artificial fine wire drawing, high strength sandblasting. The same anodizing process as the iPhone, taking into account the dual needs of the feel and toughness. Haimeidi H7 four generations of polished appearance is extremely fine, leaving no fingerprints. Four corners deal with sleek, elegant workmanship. The brand name of Hai Meidi in the center is low-key and reserved.

Haimei Di H7 four-generation design is simple, in addition to the front of the sea is printed in the United States and English brand, without any modification.

The back of the fuselage is the main distribution area of ​​the Haimeidi H7 four generations excuse, from left to right in order: WIFI antenna, OPTICAL interface, AV analog output interface, HDMI interface, network cable interface, reset button and power input port.

The USB interface 2 and the TF card slot 1 are prevented on the left side and the right side, respectively.

Haimei Di H7 four generations is equipped with a 2DB high-gain blade antenna, wireless signal coverage, playing video more smoothly.

The heat sink area and product identification are placed at the bottom of the product. Four non-slip mats are placed around, and the non-slip surface lifts the height from the floor to help dissipate heat.

As a new generation of products of Haimeidi H7, Haimeidi H7 four generations have made substantial upgrades both in packaging and in the product itself. As the leading brand of domestic smart TV boxes, Haimei Di's strength is obvious to all. As a new product, Haimeidi H7 has already received warm expectations from consumers. About Haimeidi H7 four generations of out of the box evaluation is here. Later Xiaobian will bring depth evaluation of H-Mei H7 four generations. Is this product really strong enough? We will talk later.

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