The Original Innovator Difficult TTL Brush Road - New Firmware Fiji K1 Wireless Router Brush Tutorial

I. Introduction

Fiji's free router is no stranger to the value of friends, the recent school campus network upgrade Ruijie, the original slag route can not install Ruijie client was unanimously abandoned by the roommate, and decided to set up a new router in Jingdong, did not This is the beginning of my miserable life.

Fiji's product line now includes k1, k1s, and k2, but there is no substantial change in the functionality between them, the same MTK processor, the same one hundred (keng) megabyte (die) port. In view of the value of the friend out of the box is the largest k1, so no brain chose it. However, it was not discovered until the router was ready to flash. road! by! Device! change! day! It! The factory router firmware is v21.4.6.12 and above has been blocked tftp, so the cruel reality let me find a new way - TTL disassemble Dafa!

Second, brush machine

Prepare materials

First of all, you need a TTL board. I bought this one

In fact there is this on the general MCU development board (I have QAQ on my 51 board). In any case, you have to have a block TTL board.

2. 2.54MM pitch pin, this is the basic friend I want to do directly in the electronic design competition.

3. Tool Package

Link: Password: 4r8q


Remove the 4 screws from the rear shell and remove them from the cable opening. Believe that there will be a miracle. Of course, use a knife to remove the glue on the gap before the demolition.

Connection TTL Brush Line

Observe the line order. Remember to short the jumper caps to 5V and S1 and TXD, RXD to GND.

Find the TTL port on the router's circuit board, in the position shown in the red box (here borrowed the value of the disassemble picture, because I forgot to shoot). Weld the broaches you prepared. (In fact, it will not weld, I will say below)

The other end of the line is connected to the PCB board. The classmate who has already welded the pin header can directly insert it. The lazy value friend will have to press the thread by hand during the flashing process. (This is a difficult job. After all, I That's it.) Then the 'CH340G RS232 l USB to TTL module to the serial port' plug into the computer's USB port, see the red indicator light on the TTL small board, light does not flash is connected.

Software operation

First install the driver on your computer, unzip the CH340G_USB to TTL driver, and then follow the illustration to install

Open the device manager (right click on the Start button - Computer Management - Device Manager), check the port number of the TTL board and write it down

Unzip tftpd32.rar to the desktop tftpd32 folder, turn off the firewall and security software

Install HyperTerminal and open it, select File - New Connection, select COM3, Select baud rate 57600

Press and hold the RESET key first, then the router is connected to power and the computer is connected to the LAN interface of the router.

The Hyper Terminal software will stop in the options in Figure 1-9. Enter the command reset 2 and enter Y.

Modify the local connection fixed ip address to, then right-click on the administrator privilege and open the tftpd32.exe file in the desktop tftpd32 folder, and put him aside.

In Hyper Terminal, enter ip address, press ENTER, press, then fill in test.bin and press Enter.

Patiently wait for the brush machine to complete, he will automatically restart, close the tftpd32.exe browser can enter to see if it is updated to V21.4.1.0 version, if it fails, it is necessary to restart again.

Third, summary

TTL downgraded to this end! Below you can use the "Browser Brush Breeder Assistant Universal Edition" to brush breed and install the system! Is it not (san) often (xin) 简 (kuang). So in the end, I still advise you to value your friends and do your homework before buying so as not to mistake the black car. Friends who do not want to be so troublesome can buy k1s or k2s, and they can do it without dismantling.

I wish you a good friend!

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