Millet box 3 enhanced version and glory box Pro which is better?

With the change of mobile Internet entertainment methods, the rise of terminals such as TV boxes and smart TVs has gradually occupied the living room. According to relevant data, the previous cable TV users currently have one third of users no longer paying fees. Most of the TV boxes on the market do not have to pay for cable TV and are free to watch all kinds of internet resources. So TV boxes are already a lot of home equipment that young people are very concerned about. However, in the face of the current number of TV boxes, which one should we pick? Money? Below, the author of the current two hottest manufacturers of millet and Huawei's latest TV box products millet box 3 enhanced version and glory box pro, to do a detailed comparative evaluation from several aspects, to everyone in the purchase process, there are Reference.

First, the configuration performance comparison

In the era of the present value of painting, looking for work to find the work to fight the value, in the TV box of the Red Sea market, some of the higher value of the product is also very pleasing, on the millet box 3 enhanced and glory box pro two In terms of boxes, in fact, the appearance is similar, but in the overall design and such as device cooling, so personally think that glory box pro better. But as a science student, I'm more concerned with the hardware mail configuration of the device? For the two boxes of enhanced boxes and prosperous box of millet box 3, the following configuration we simply do the following comparison:

Millet Box 3 enhanced version adopts MT8693 six-core processor with clock speed of 2.0GHz; GPU is Power VR GX6250, 2GB LPDDR3 dual-channel 64-bit memory, 8GB high-speed flash memory; supports 802.11ac 2x2 dual-income and dual-receive; independent antenna low power Bluetooth 4.1, custom MIUI TV system based on Android 5.1 depth.

Glory Box Pro uses Huawei's next-generation architecture media processing chip, which not only has excellent decoding capability, but also has a patented ImprexTM picture quality enhancement engine that provides chip-level optimization solutions for the Android system's picture quality. Glory Box Pro's image quality enhancement engine can also effectively enlarge 1080P video to 4K TV display. The 4K ultra-scalable smart zoom technology behind it can dynamically extract image features, adaptively select the amplification factor, and intelligently. Scaling, so that the normal 1080P picture can also achieve a 4K effect.

Second, expand the comparison

As mentioned above, many users buy a TV box, a large part of which is to upgrade the old TV in the home. The cost is very low, but not all boxes can directly connect to the old TV, which depends on its expansion interface.

In appearance, we can clearly see the glory box Pro interface, in addition to the enhanced version of the millet box 3, has a more common USB interface, HDMI interface, the glory box Pro and RJ45.

AV output interface: Separated video and audio transmissions are also very useful in TV boxes. For example, we can connect amplifiers and pass Dolby audio. For an old TV set without an HDMI interface, you can use the AV Interface of Glory Box Pro to connect the TV to the box. In addition to being compatible with older TVs (mainly CRT TVs), another advantage of AV output is that the AV interface has a 50-millisecond delay for karaoke software, and 150-milliseconds for the HDMI interface. The difference between the two is 100 milliseconds, and the response to the sound is faster. So Yao Yi Pro AV interface allows me to more easily deploy smart applications.

RJ45 network interface: Although wifi cabling is very convenient at present, as well as the rise of dual-band wifi in recent years, wifi signal is still disturbed by home environment obstacles and other wireless signals, which easily causes network instability. This is also one of the reasons I care about whether the box has this interface. In fact, Glory Box Pro has built-in 300M complementary Wi-Fi dual antenna, double protection and double protection. Transmission dual-channel design, the rate is 100% faster than a single antenna, effectively improving the wireless transmission speed, signal coverage strength and signal penetration, so as to ensure the glory box Pro a variety of networking options, want to even how to connect, How can I be even faster?

Third, content comparison

Now that the content is king, the current box hardware can basically meet the needs of users. The content resources of smart TVs have become the “watershed” for the purchase of boxes. At present, major TV box manufacturers are actively building Content, the introduction of genuine video resources, in compliance with the operation, the fight is the content of someone's home, only to provide a rich and stable and reliable genuine authorized content, users can rest assured watching Internet video.

In terms of content, the enhanced version of Xiaomi Box 3 mainly covers GITV, CNTV, China TV, and Mango TV.

Glory Box Pro access is a genuine license for the Guangdong broadcast control platform, as well as CIBN Universal Television, Galaxy, Kiwi, Cloud Audio and Video Aurora, Mango TV and many other massive resources.

It looks like they are almost the same, but in the end who is better! The author chose Baidu to search for the top ten TV dramas and variety shows as a reference object, to see who's more complete.

From the TV drama section's investigation results, it can be seen that each TV box is relatively fast-tracked to domestically produced TV dramas. The most recent TV dramas have basically been included, and most of the resolutions have reached the levels above the ultra-clear level, and almost all do not require paid viewing. Both are equal in terms of playable size.

From the variety show we can see the gap between the enhanced version of the millet box 3 and the glory box Pro, and there are five programs that can not be played on the ten programs and the enhanced version of the millet box 3.

Fourth, UI interaction contrast

Millet box 3 enhanced version of the main interface

The main interface of millet box 3 enhanced version MIUI mainly includes online video, lifestyle and application of the three major areas. In addition, it also supports the development of applications and games. The newly installed applications will be arranged on the right side of the main interface. Apart from the applications that come with the system, new applications that you install yourself can be customized and sorted. When you look for applications, it is still more convenient.

Compared to the MIMI interaction of the millet box 3 enhanced version, the glory box Pro's interface is more friendly and highlights the humanity. Glory Box Pro's immersive personalized interface design uses clear, easy-to-use classified navigation and a simple information structure, making it easier for new users to get started.

Millet Box 3 Enhanced Channel Interface
Glory Box Pro Channel Interface
Into the main interface, Glory Box Pro's horizontal menu and video thumbnails are scientifically distributed and can be selected at a glance. Various types of videos are also available for panoramic views. Hot videos are the first choice for recommendations. Fine posters for detailed content are customized for high-quality content, creating a multi-dimensional and comfortable atmosphere for audiences of different audiences. My favorite movies, my wife's favorite variety show, and the kids' favorite cartoons are instantly accessible. With the box's super configuration, I can watch instantly without any buffers.

V. Comparison of Speech Recognition Speed ​​and Recognition Rate

Millet box 3 enhanced version and glory box pro are all using Bluetooth remote control, voice input button is placed above the remote control. Slightly different is that there is a voice button in the middle of the glory box pro. The microphone is located on the back of the camera. Press it to input voice in any application environment. The sound effect is very good. Even if the sound is not loud, the system's response is very timely.

Millet box 3 enhanced voice button and Home button design together, long press the Home button to enter the voice input interface. In terms of radio effects, the enhanced version of the millet box 3 is also excellent, and the system that speaks to the remote control also reacts sensitively.

From the above, we can see from the above input method that the two are not much different, but the function assigned by the voice button is different.

Voice input is supported, and deeper levels depend on speech recognition rate and recognition speed. With two TV boxes, simply press and hold the "House" button under any interface to start a voice search. If both are in Putonghua, the recognition accuracy of the two is very close. When using standard Mandarin input, the recognition accuracy of Glory Box pro and Xiaomi Box 3 enhanced edition exceeds 90%. Some voices can be translated into text even if it is not a special standard!

But if you speak Sichuan and Cantonese, the gap between recognition speed and recognition rate is very clear. This enhanced box of millet box 3 and glory box Pro support local languages ​​such as Putonghua, Cantonese, and Sichuan dialect, while millet box 3 enhanced version only supports Mandarin.

VI. Comparison of Voice Control Interactive Functions

For voice control, the key is two points, one is the recognition accuracy of the voice, and the other is the extent of the voice control of the box in the end. Judging from the actual experience, both of them are very good at controlling the voice system. The increase of Xiaomi 3 mainly uses the voice to control the box's own system, while the glory box Pro can do more things.

We only need to name the title, the name of the actor, and the type of film for Glory Box Pro. It can be easily found for you. When watching a TV show, you want to read the first few episodes and tell it directly. The search is very accurate. You can even use voice to direct it, let him pause, play, fast forward and rewind, and can also fast forward to a few seconds, a set of episodes, etc., recognition accuracy, and recognition speed.

In addition to the normal video playback, the voice also opens installed applications, tells jokes, inquiries about the weather and chat, etc. Such a TV box is even more fun for children.

Voice today's weather
Speech joke
Voice application store

The enhanced voice control range of Xiaomi Box 3 is limited to the local system. In most features, the enhanced version of the millet box 3 can not control the volume during playback (perhaps it feels that the words have not yet come to work faster ...), fast forward and rewind function no problem. In the application of the system, the enhanced version of the millet box 3 is also a good performance, such as system settings, shut down the system can be achieved, but also can directly open the already installed APP. But in the query function, enhanced version of millet box 3 will have to look at the APP's face, the weather can directly open the relevant application to see (anyway, there are built-in), but if the stock and road conditions are unable to search, and like daily chat this, There is no way to give a response.

to sum up:

From the above, we have quite a lot of feelings about the comprehensive comparison experience of the enhanced box of the millet box 3 and the glory box Pro. As a function of the control of the TV box, the two products are actually quite outstanding. It is no problem to replace the manual playback operation. The process is very simple. The user can use the voice system on the box and can basically do “what to think, what to say, "How to achieve something", but for old TV sets for elderly people and homes that don't speak Mandarin at home, the use and experience of Glory Box Pro is even better, so for those parents who want to give their homes an Internet TV experience, The netizens who are still hesitating to purchase which TV box, Glory Box Pro is more suitable for you.

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