The time has come! Five popular Internet TV recommendations

One, five popular Internet TV recommendations

The Double 11 Shopping Carnival is approaching, and various TV companies have begun to preheat for the double eleventh. The prices that are usually hesitant and difficult to start will have different price reductions during this period. At present, on the TV market, Internet TV is booming, even over traditional TV brands. The young, fashionable and minimalist style is also highly sought after by the majority of young users.

In today’s fast-paced life, people tend to obtain information more directly. In terms of content, some Internet TV brands’ inputs in terms of content can be described in terms of “shock”, and for this reason traditional TV is doing Less than that. Internet TV can bring rich resources and a more complete online service ecosystem through the Internet. This is also the advantage of Internet TV.

Many internet TVs rarely need physical store operating expenses because they are sold on the Internet, and some even have less warehouses. In this way, costs beyond production costs can be fully reduced, allowing consumers to buy cheaper televisions. Coupled with sales on the Internet, the product has high liquidity, which brings convenience to the rapid replacement of products.

Second, 55-inch artificial intelligence TV millet TV 3S

Xiaomi has always been committed to building the standards of new domestic products. As one of the early manufacturers of Internet TV, Xiaomi has always attached importance to product quality. Millet television 3s 55 inches in the work of materials, quality performance and the new upgraded MIUI TV system on the performance are satisfactory. As there are many partners on TV licensees and broadcast control platforms, Xiaomi has a clear advantage in terms of film and television resources and is recommended for users who value video resources.

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Millet this TV in the frame and back panel also uses a metal material, but the frame is using the splicing process, the edges and corners are more distinct, if not careful when moving the TV will be drawn to the skin, this has yet to be improved. The base station millet TV 3S has a unique shape while ensuring slenderness, and the overall slim body also has a good echo, the overall look simple and lightweight.

As the second largest shareholder of iQIYI, Xiaomi naturally enjoys the exclusive resources of iQIYI and has great advantages in TV dramas and variety shows. The previously sung “Descent of the Sun” and “Old Jiumen” millet all have Exclusive. In the sports content, it also cooperated with PPTV to make up for its weakness.

Millet's "MIUI" (1.3.1) TV version of the operating system has always had a good reputation. Recently, the MIUI system has been newly upgraded to further strengthen the labels, dimensions, and user base. The new MIUI system has changed from the original grid option mode to the operation mode of the tab page, which is more helpful for category browsing. At the same time, the system also carried out in-depth excavation of the film sources and presented them with the innovative “Patch wall” puzzle wall. At the same time, this MIUI operating system also supports mobile phone control and projection. It has been greatly improved in intelligence and ease of use.

Millet TV 3S 55 inches

[Reference price] 3699 yuan
[Dealer] Jingdong

Third, "Super Lightning Second Generation" Cool open 55N2

On October 18, CoolOpen officially released its first N2 series new TV, which is also a smart TV with cool open main game function. This product, known as "Super Flash II", is fully upgraded compared to the "Lightning Second Generation" 55U2 process, and inherits the outstanding characteristics of the new high-end flagship Coocaa 55A2, such as sounding the SoundBar and Bluetooth. Features, ultra-narrow full metal frame, CNC precision grinding, etc., while increasing the Eiffel high-end base more stylish temperament. The "super" word is mainly reflected in two core advantages: big content cloud games, good hardware top configuration. 55N2 in the cool open official website price 3549 yuan, there are more gifts to send, interested friends may wish to look at.

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With the rapid rise of the younger generation of consumers, consumers are no longer solely evaluating the quality of television, and the appearance has become an important criterion for the purchase of television. As the center of family entertainment, it has a great influence on the whole family style. Cool open 55N2 TV in the appearance of adhering to the previous generation of cool open TV minimalist design style, all metal alloy technology also makes this TV sense of fashion doubled. This design concept is also an important direction for the future development of television.

Cool open 55N2 uses online transmission technology, including ultra-2000 size games, more than 200 mainframe games, Super Street Fighter 4, Lehman, Far Cry 2, Batman and other mainframe games can play, you need a separate 10M + light The network, the game is loaded through the cloud, you do not need to burn TV configuration to run, the network is better and smoother, the gamepad adapts to the universal version.

Cool open 55N2 TV uses a new upgraded Cool Open System 5.5, flat interface style operation is more simple and convenient, color is very young, the overall visual effects make people relaxed and happy. And in the actual hands of the author, the response speed is agile and almost no caton is encountered. Integrate high-quality resources such as film and television, games, shopping, travel, sports, and health, especially in the game.

Cool open 55N2

[Reference price] 3549 yuan
[Dealer] Cool open official store

Fourth, highlight the natural character of Hisense VIDAA LED55V1UC

The urgent need for transformation and upgrading of China's Internet TV market will usher in a new era. On June 16th, Hisense announced in Beijing a VIDAA, the first high-end brand in China's Internet TV market. At the same time, VIDAA released its first VIDAA independent brand, the V1 series high-end Internet TV. V1 main 55-inch flagship and standard version of the two star products, including a LED55V1UC curved TV in Jingdong Mall price 5999 yuan, and interested friends may wish to look at.

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VIDAA LED55V1UC fuselage designed a circle with a radius of 11.25mm in the lower right corner of the fuselage. When the finger touches the ring, the TV can be turned on or off. The three-second continuous touch aura, the remote controller turns on the buzzer mode, can help users automatically find the remote control , To solve the often can not find the pain point of the remote control, can be considered a more humane design.

Different from the four corners of a common TV, the V1's corners are shaped by a metal curved surface. In combination with the lower right corner ring, the whole machine looks more rounded. At the same time, as a curved TV, V1 uses 4000R curved screen, with 8.9mm ultra-thin body, 4.3mm narrow border and all-metal back shell, front appearance is Geya champagne gold color, back is gray striped design, base 120 Tilted triangle design.

Equipped with Hisense's proprietary intellectual property right Hi-view picture engine chip, NTSC's wide color gamut is as high as 85%, and with HDR's high-dynamic 4K display, you can restore natural colors. Front HIFI speakers, quad-core A53 64-bit movement, etc. are also standard on this TV. Over 100+ million hours of content, hundreds of millions of box office blockbusters are almost fully covered. In the first quarter of 2016, the number of TV channels reached the top 20, VIDAA TV covers 19, domestic coverage of TV coverage reached 99%, and high-definition television source accounted for Up to 90%.


[Reference price] 5799 yuan
[Dealer] Jingdong

Fifth, wide color gamut + HDR technology micro whale WTV55K2

The micro whale relied on a strong background to absolutely meet the needs of mainstream users in terms of content services. Its smart light control technology, wide color gamut, and HDR technology performed very satisfactorily in terms of image quality performance, in line with user habits. The WUI" operating system excels in experience. The balanced performance is also in line with the attitude of micro-whales to make low-key and pragmatic products.

The appearance of the newly upgraded WTV55K2 TV allows us to see the shadow of the high-end 65-inch W65L products of Micro Whale. It also has a metal frame and a metal back plate design, and the overall use of champagne gold color. At the same time, the thinnest point of the body of the 55K2 TV is also only 9.9mm, and it looks very slim.

Micro-whales own GITV (Central Galaxy Internet TV) and Mango TV licensees for licensees. The main video broadcast control platform is Tencent video, covering a wide range of television, TV dramas, and variety shows. At the same time, micro-whale monopolizes TVB, BBC. And key content resources such as VICE. In sports, micro-whales have also started to force this year, winning the Bundesliga's live broadcast rights, and the core sports events such as the China Super League, the China Team, the World Club, and the Champions League can also be seen on the micro-whale TV.

The system of this small whale TV is “WUI”, and the main interface adopts a vertical layout in an anti-traditional manner. The waterfall flow interface is very different from the interface design on the current market. The new waterfall flow design allows users to not only operate quickly. , but also have a stronger preview function, user operations more convenient.

Little Whale WTV55K2

[Reference price] 3599 yuan
[Dealer] Jingdong

Six, 55-inch super chip LeTV Super TV X55

LeTV 4 X55 The whole body design and cloud base are all metal materials, the overall consistency is very good, so it looks like a sense of instinct, texture is in line with the needs of modern homes. From the appearance of materials, product design, chip specifications, gold ear certification speaker system, 3GB large memory equipped with 32GB of built-in storage, this product is still relatively conscience at the hardware level, plus HDR technology support, priced at 3699 yuan, but This TV cloud base needs to be purchased separately. Interested friends may wish to look.

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LeTV 4 X55 adopts aviation-grade aluminum metal, which makes the 9.9mm ultra-thin body unimaginable and its thickness is only two-thirds that of the previous generation 3 X55. The ultra-narrow metal frame adopts a stepped design to make it even thinner, and the drilling process is more quality. The Super 4 X55 adopts the latest and strongest smart TV flagship chip MStar6A938. The security Bunny ran up to 65,000 points. Compared with the previous generation Mstar6A928, the overall performance increased by 41%, laying an important foundation for the game experience created in 2016.

Real 4K UHD big screen

LeTV's latest EUI 5.8 TV - Springer operating system, the system can achieve multiple types of desktop management, and realize the stream of consciousness interaction, allowing users to think it is, fully implement the content of the desktop and go to the application, film and television, Sports, games, shopping, music, and other diverse content are desktops, and can be operated on a centralized basis to allow different groups of people to have dedicated content desktops.

LeTV Film and TV

LeTV has always been very hard working in terms of content. Nowadays, from the perspectives of movies, sports, children, games, and synchronized cinemas, the layout of the various dimensions is perfect, and the hardware is becoming more and more perfect. The overall impression is "Reality , value, reliability," LeTV's online video resources to meet the different needs of all ages.

There are good hardware and display effects, of course, with a rich content resources, the combination of software and hardware can play the greatest value of a TV. In terms of content, it is recommended to install a sofa butler - the sofa butler is a third-party app store designed specifically for smart TVs, Android box users, carefully providing television, box users with high-quality TV exclusive version of the application, including with live Or on-demand video and audio and video software, various types of recreational competitive video game software and daily office entertainment management system management tools.

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