My CPU, memory review! Come on, do this 9 year hardware Rafi

Memory parade! They are the first line of left black diamonds DDR2 667 1G2 pairs right Apacer armored warriors DDR3 1600 4G2

The second line left GALAXY Gamer DDR4 2400 4G4 right Zickey Trident Z DDR4 3000 8G2

Why not on the CPU integration chart? Because in addition to Athlon x2 4000+ good resolution, the rest have to read, easy to see clearly.

In fact, I still have some memory such as SDRAM 256MB such as Corsair DDR3 1600 2G2 are temporarily not a photo


Why did you write this original? Mainly finishing things a few days ago and saw his old machine Athlon X2 4000+, this computer is my first computer purchased at their own expense - 2 months of summer vacation + scholarship to buy. In the spirit of remembrance, I would like to restore it. As a result, the SATA port on the garbage board will be pulled out directly... Well, I still remove CPU and memory. So, there is this original.


AMD Athlon X2 4000+ and Kingbox DDR2 667 1G2

AMD Athlon X2 4000+ English name Athion I have forgotten how to fight ... ... was originally bought on October 1, 2007, when it seems like 650 yuan, and now almost the price of scrap. At the time, the performance of the CPU was not as good as that of Core 2's 6 Series 4 series, but it could still be used as a poor Ferrari. The x2 4000+ had integrated memory controllers at the time, so the memory performance was then AMD>intel.

The memory that was matched at the time was the memory manufacturer that had not been seen for a long time - Kingbox DDR2 667 1G2. This memory capacity was quite good at the time. However, the AMD x2 4000+ bizarre memory controllers have kept this memory from running at a stable 667, which is down-clocking in the DDR2 600.

The colorful names are like this: one side is purple and the other side is red. Memory is the standard height of double-sided bars. I originally wanted to test it, but all the sata ports on the slag board are broken........... ..

Intel i5 2300/i5 2550K and Apacer Armor Samurai DDR3 1600 4G2

I originally was the i5 2300, this CPU has been with me until 2015, the initial use of the H67 motherboard, and later the local tyrants friends to send his fast death Z68-V-LX to me, I have been driving an extra 4 times the frequency of use, of course, there are pirate ships Black Samurai 2g2 of the article. (When it was time to buy E3 1230, it was out of stock. 2400 was out of stock)

Later, with the help of another friend, I increased the price by 120 yuan, i5 2550K replaced i5 2300, and finally can experience overclocking! ! ! From the beginning of the SNB era, intel began squeezing toothpaste. The performance improvement brought by the generational change within the entire era was less than 10%. Looking back, think from the Athlon X2 / Core 2 6XXX to the i5 2300 / i5 2550K, the cpu brings The performance improvement is tremendous. It has increased by more than 150% in four years. In the following five years, the overall CPU performance has increased by 20%. å“Ž......... INTEL .AMD is not awesome!

Memory is Apacer Armor Samurai DDR3 1600 4g2 Before the friend sent the memory, I have been using this pair of memory, sent after a period of time is filled with 4 and DIMM slots, and later found no eggs, put the black warrior 2g2 Throw aside to eat ash.

Unlike the pirates, the Black Knight is using 1333 to increase the voltage to 1.65V as 1600 sales (although I can keep stable operation), Apacer is a native DDR3 1600. Because of the vest, the thermal performance is good, and it is still for dad. Mom served.

The disadvantage of the 2550K is that it must be plugged into the graphics card. Let's take a look at the intel i5 2550K + Apacer armored warrior DDR3 1600 4g2 test results. Relatively speaking, the improvement of memory and the popularity of SSDs have made it even more obvious.

The era of intel i7 6700

After squeezing toothpaste for 5 years, the parents retired and wanted to study computers. I thought about whether I would own a new one and let the old play them. After consulting the results, I decided to taste the i7. At the time of buying the i7 6700, the i7 6700k was fired to more than 3,300 yuan, and it was out of stock - yes, it was more expensive than the i7 5820. The x99 motherboard power consumption, slow boot, high input and so I like the i7 6700, and a special offer - 2009 yuan to buy the National Bank boxed i7 6700 let me decisively buy buy buy.

2009 yuan to buy the National Bank boxed, up to now this price has not yet been shot through, and at the time i7 6700 scattered pieces to 2050 yuan! This CPU is quite worthy of value .... Of course, the value of devaluation in a few years........... The example of the X2 4000+ is just around the corner...

Before purchasing the CPU, I swayed between the X99 and Z170 platforms. When I saw a good price for the memory (a discount of -100 yuan), I decisively put the new Yingchi Gaming DDR4 2400 4G4 strip into the bag first. The platform can be on.

However, people are worse off than the old days. The purchase of a new computer was all stared at by the mother. Good Z170 motherboards were more than 1,500 at the time. I could start to buy them, but I couldn't resist the old man's chanting. First buy a B150 K4. Put your own computer up and say it again. However, the B150 only supports DDR4 2133 which is a hard flaw, and there is no M.2, chassis fan speed can not be directed adjustment is a hard injury.

The memory of DDR4 2400 has been used as a 2133 player.

Later, the entire DDR4 stumbled, falling from a high of 1,000 yuan to 649 (lower after the coupon), and the odd Zichi DDR4 3000 8G2 looks beautiful and stylish, timing is very good, there is a vest auxiliary cooling, I Resolutely buying anyway, parents have computers, and the limelight is over. You can secretly upgrade your configuration.

Zhiqi Trident Z DDR4 3000 8G2 is silver-white on the front and black on the reverse. The whole is very beautiful, stylish, with a nameplate on the back.

Chichi's Trident Z DDR4 3000 8G2 is a relatively small parameter.

Pretend to have 4 pieces of memory .......... The top is also very beautiful and stylish, I like the black and red color, more dazzling.

In order to DDR4 3000 memory, in order to chassis fan, CPU cooling fan can control the speed of rotation, in order to M.2 interface, I spent 750 yuan + SF freight from another good friend, got the fast dead Z170-A , And then the B150 k4 in his own hands because the USB 3.0 broken one, with 350 Bao Shunfeng out, so the motherboard probably spent 400 yuan to upgrade. I was thinking about going out of 4G4 blood.

The performance of DDR4 2133 is not as good as the frequency of DDR3 2133 while DDR4 3000 has a visible performance improvement. A faulty obsessive-compulsive disorder.

to sum up

Use a chart to summarize it.

Regarding the memory performance improvement, two simple data are made into two simple bar graphs for easy viewing.

The performance improvement brought by the CPU is obviously not obvious depending on the use. If there is a gap between the running points, if there is a gap between the new graphics card (especially the N card and other cards that eat the CPU), there is a gap in the game of the masterpiece. The increase is not obvious - of course, more obvious is the drop in power consumption, of course, if in LOL, World of Warcraft, etc., the upgrade is not large. The increase rate from SNB compared to 2007 to 2011 is really a pediatric increase. The memory, ssd and other performance improvements are obvious to all, at least 16G memory has become the player's choice? Isn't it?

Tossing without limit........ for memory, ssd price storm... I said ..... I'm still lucky....

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