The advent of the PPTV TV Liverpool customization machine comes to the world?

As more and more consumers are willing to pay for customized, personalized products, companies are also starting to customize and introduce more and more exclusive customized products for segmented consumers. This month, China's first cross-border sports IP customized smart TV - PPTV 65T2 Liverpool customized machine will be officially on sale. The customized smart hardware has become a hot spot for fans and fans since it was announced last year. Customization of electronic products, why people are so hot, it is worth thinking.

Customization: The Inevitable Choice in the New Internet Age

Mobile networks and e-commerce have made “customized” this originally extravagant word accepted by the average consumer. In this situation, people's original suppressed personal needs emerged.

Want to send flowers to your girlfriend, you can quickly use the mobile phone APP to complete quickly, flower types, delivery time, greeting cards and other choices for you, at the same time, packaging, services, prices are more real than the actual florist; want to start a A piece of clothing that expresses individuality can be transmitted on the e-commerce platform. Your clothes will be produced on the same production line as the big-name clothing of the same paragraph. Finally, the pattern you upload will be printed and shipped to you by air. Even technology companies led by Google are studying how to make mobile phones into PCs. Each mobile phone can be assembled from standardized modules.

It can be said that the next generation of mobile Internet is an era that meets the individual needs of consumers, is an era that satisfies personal aesthetic interests, and is an era that provides customized products and services.

Trend: Customization of Small-scale Customer Dedicated Customization is More Popular

Although customization can be an unstoppable trend due to its ability to meet the individual needs of consumers, it is still constrained by various factors such as target consumers and costs, and the relationship between how to customize the model and how to balance the scale and customization is still The issues that each industry needs to face. As mentioned above, the industry’s highly-regarded Google Modular Mobile Phone Project Ara, in the air, announced the termination of development last month.

The so-called modularity, like a PC, can be freely assembled as a building block, but it ignores one problem: insufficient supply. This "big and full" customization requires that the entire industry make adjustments for this - each manufacturer must be able to make modules of the same specifications, the same interface, the same compatibility mode. In the current situation of low cost, it is obviously impossible to achieve.

In the current consumer environment, the customization of small groups of customers is more sought after. The needs of small-scale groups are more uniform, the requirements are more clear, and the cost and quality of products are easily controlled. For example, for game fans to customize a keyboard that belongs exclusively to a game, or an ergonomic work chair integrated with a painter's board, a track ball, and a collar holder developed by a professional designer, it is very popular with specific consumers. More importantly, such customized products can meet their special needs while satisfying their sense of belonging.

Trend: PPTV TV Liverpool Custom Edition Leads Internet Sports Age

The PPTV TV Liverpool custom machine, as its name suggests, is a dedicated TV for Liverpool fans. At the same time, there are only 5,000 limited editions worldwide that will surely become a treasure not to be missed by Liverpool fans.

It is reported that this TV in the design, maximized the identity of Liverpool fans. First of all, the iconic red color of the Liverpool soccer team is the main color. The bold and large area of ​​the back of the body uses "Liverpool Red" and adopts the process of red pearl paint and three-three-baking. Even if it does not talk about customization, this kind of body has a very bright color in the back area, which is also a great breakthrough for industrial design. In addition, Liverpool’s exclusive UI, theme wallpapers, event information, video highlights, and team information have also been tailored to the content. This sense of identity is exactly what this TV is into a powerful wedge in the hearts of Liverpool fans.

In the hardware and software configuration, PPTV TV Liverpool custom machine is also unambiguous. 65-inch LG LCD display, four-color 4K picture quality, MEMC motion picture compensation technology, fully meet the needs of the fans in the high-speed motion of the clarity, the quality of the picture; 178 ° ultra-wide-angle screen, but also to the fans Get close enough to watch and be immersed in the addiction. Obviously, only the real fans can understand the meaning of this configuration - one minute delay and ambiguity may make them miss an unforgettable moment in this life.

At present, this quality and personality of the ball watching machine is priced at only 9999 yuan. At the same time, PPTV Juli has also launched special promotional activities such as discounts, gift vouchers, and gimmicks. Liverpool fans who want to enjoy benefits in advance can now start booking online.

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