Zhang Yimou's First VR Experience Store Trial Run Package Price From 300 RMB

In 2016, as director Zhang Yimou, as a co-founder, the news that the establishment of the new company, the popular Qi Tian Group, as VR can be described as a major news in the industry. The VR brand SoReal, which is part of the Red Qitian Group, mainly involved experience store projects. At the time, it also obtained strategic investment from Lenovo Ventures. (The positioning of the popular Qitian Group: a comprehensive entertainment company providing immersive social entertainment experiences based on VR/AR technology. It owns five major segments: content production, technology research and development, operation management, investment construction, brand design, and IP licensing.) In 2017, the first SoReal Hyperspace VR experience store on the second basement of the new Yansha Golden Street Shopping Center in Wangfujing began trial operation. The size of SoReal's super body space is 3,000 square meters. Packages are divided into super packages and super day markets. The prices are 398 and 498 yuan respectively. Compared to V-world, Mystery House and other pass prices in the 100-300 yuan, the price here is quite expensive. Currently, there are five main areas open in the store, including VR experiences such as Starship Ark, Hero Sam, Last Train, and Secret Space. From the content point of view, compared with other VR experience stores in Beijing, SoReal's super body space experience content does not have much innovation, and is still dominated by shooting games, landscape simulations, and zombie ancient tombs. Director Zhang Yimou Although he is the co-founder and artistic director of the popular Qitian Group, currently there is no element of Zhang Yimou in the SoReal super body space. According to the SoReal hyperspace clerk, due to the fact that SoReal’s super body space is still in trial operation, there is only one game in each region, and the VR Theater has only one 15-minute short film for screening. However, after the formal operation at the end of April, more areas will be opened in the store, and more games and video content will be added to meet consumer demand. The future does not rule out the possibility of using Zhang Yimou's works in the store. According to a visit by a Beijing Business Daily reporter, the SoReal super body space was significantly more deserted than the popularity of upstairs dining and movie theaters. In less than 20 hours, fewer than 20 consumers consulted at the counter, and in the end, less than half of the consumers went in to experience it. Many people said that they were directed by Zhang Yimou's fame. However, after consulting, they discovered that there was no connection between the experience project and the director's individual and work. “Playing with so many VR experience halls, I thought this would have a different place, but when I arrived, I was disappointed. The last subway and hero Sam's game experience is very real, but it is still uncomfortable to move. The perception is also not good, the picture is not clear, the head is too heavy, and this price does not match, experience once is enough.” Consumer Xu said. SoReal's ultra-body space is not as optimistic as other experience shops. Therefore, their current profit channels mainly come from fares and experience value-added services such as in-store food and beverages. However, it is difficult to recover early-stage costs when there are few passengers. Some practitioners believe that the profitability of VR offline experience stores still requires a clear business model, and the formation of a thematic operation with its own characteristics, such as "seeking dragons" in the V world, the secret room decryption of the mystery home, and the emerging VR theme park. The SoReal super body space has a number of IPs of Zhang Yimou's works. With the enhancement of future technology and other areas, and the gradual increase in acceptance of the public, SoReal’s super body space still has a large amount of room for operation in terms of experience store positioning and content. .

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